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I am:

An Activator: a fearless energy source who can energise teams and start a fire.

A Strategist: I intuitively see alternatives and anticipate those alternatives and create unique paths to achieving outcomes that work.

A Restorer: I instinctively see and troubleshoot the root cause of problems and find improvements and solutions quickly and efficiently.

An Ideator: I have an agile mind and can connect dots that are not obvious that improve and transform what currently exists.

Ever since I was a kid I have viewed the world differently. I was the kid who sat and stared out the window, thinking of far off lands and adventures while the other kids where playing. I was the kid who questioned the rules and why they existed and frustrated adults because I wouldn’t accept things the way they are if it didn’t gel with my internal truth. I have always had a strong sense of social justice, even if it means standing alone because I believe there is a better way.

I have a deep seated passionate belief that we are living in an age where our current social structures, ways of doing business and long held beliefs will no longer serve us in the emerging future.


I am obsessed about developing a new kind of leader. One who finds strength internally, rather than externally and who lives life from the inside out. I believe those leaders can transition us into a world that is redefining the way human beings live, work and play and that those leaders need to be developed in schools, universities, enterprises and as entrepreneurs

The beautiful thing about life right now is that it has never been easier to create an abundant life and to achieve what you dream, if you are willing to develop yourself as a leader and cultivate your character.