Robert Quinn and Wei-Jien Tan Part 1

Patched Medical Episode 6 Part 1 with Robert Quinn and Wei-Jien Tan

Season 1, Ep. 6

“This is advice for any entrepreneur listening at this stage. I actually think what sold us in that interview… was having the balls to do something that’s a bit crazy, that’s what got us into the program.”

Sepsis is the number 1 killer of patients in US hospitals and it causes 1 in 3 hospital deaths.

Imagine being notified, treated and cured of Sepsis before showing any symptoms…

This week our guest speakers are two of the world’s leading innovators of medical technology, Robert Quinn and Wei-Jien Tan from Patchd Medical let us in on their ground breaking technology.

Robert experienced first hand the devastating affects sepsis can have on a patient’s life, after he fell victim to 18 cases of life-threatening sepsis, due to a liver transplant in 2013. This life-threatening illness was the motivation behind the Patchd Medical device developed by Robert Quinn, Wei-Jien Tan and Tang Tai Chen.