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Welcome to the Beyond Ideas Podcast:

The Beyond Ideas Podcast is focused on the spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship and is designed to both inform and inspire.

Season 1 of Beyond Ideas which was released in 2018 focused on interviewing some of the leading up an coming entrepreneurs, thought leaders and start up founders in Australia and covered a broad range of topics from Artificial Intelligence, The Future of Education, Conscious Leadership and Story Showing.

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Season 2 of Beyond Ideas currently in production and due for release in the second half of 2019 will focus on exponential technologies and how those technologies are shaping the future of industry and will cover topics such as: The Future of Thinking, Quantum Computing, General and Super Intelligence, The Economic Singularity and much more.

Beyond Ideas Storyshowing

Beyond Ideas Episode 18 Storyshowing

Artifical Intelligence

Artifical Intelligence and Spaceport AI

Beyond Ideas Episode 16

Beyond Ideas Episode 16

Thentic with Sarah Nolet

Episode 15 Thentic with Sarah Nolet

Unicorn Tears with Jamie Pride

Episode 14 Unicorn Tears with Jamie Pride

Do Talk to Strangers with Kerrie Phipps

Episode 13 Do Talk to Strangers with Kerrie Phipps

Using Media to Support

Episode 12 Using Media to Support your Business with Monica Rosenfeld

Women in Leadership

Beyond Ideas Episode 11 Women in Leadership: Game Changers with Robyn Foyster

Performance with Frank Cuiuli

10 Beyond Ideas Episode 10 Business & Entrepreneurial Performance with Frank Cuiuli

Workplace Mental Health

Beyond Ideas Episode 9 Workplace Mental Health with Graeme Cowan

Corporate Spend with Justin Pagotto

Beyond Ideas Episode 8 with Justin Pagotto from Corporate Spend

Robert Quinn and Wei-Jien Tan Part 2

Beyond Ideas Episode 7 Part 2 with Robert Quinn and Wei-Jien Tan

Robert Quinn and Wei-Jien Tan Part 1

Patched Medical Episode 6 Part 1 with Robert Quinn and Wei-Jien Tan

Communication with Alan Stevens

Beyond Ideas Episode 5 Beyond Communication with Alan Stevens

Venture Capital with Jeremy Liddle

Beyond Ideas Episode 4 Beyond Venture Capital with CapitalPitch

Education with Dimitri Nicolaou

Beyond Ideas Episode 3 – Beyond Education

Marketing with Carolyn Butler-Madden

Beyond Ideas Episode 2 Beyond Marketing

Leadership with Glen Campbell

Beyond Ideas Episode 1 Beyond Leadership with Glen Campbell

I have known Brad for many years over my career in Technology.
In an industry where relationships can be a little bit of a commodity, I found that the relationship with Brad grew over time as his interest were genuine regarding getting to know the person, and not simply looking at the utility. Because of this, I have seen many sides of Brad and have grown a level of respect and connection with him in this time.
He has a great depth of insight across a number of fields and is an inquisitive person that always looks to garner a deep understanding of a topic.

Brad is a great guy to hang out and explore a wide range of topics, as well as a person I am always happy to do business with.

Frank Cuiuli, Pivot Me: Be Better